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. >>> is pakistan helping the taliban fight u.s. troops on the border with afghanistan? that's one of the implications from the thousands of classified military documents and field reports leaked on the internet today. the white house is playing down their impact but an unpopular war may become more so now. >> the documents consisted of action reports drawn up by u.s. forces in afghanistan between 2004 and 2009. troops were worried about local support and concerned about civilian deaths. 90,000 reports like these released online by the founder says that u.s. involvement is illegal. >> it does appear to be evidence of war crimes in this material. >> the leashinged material outlines how they help the taliban and how the anti-american jihad, until recently, was allegedly being guided by a former pakistani intelligence commander. as pakistan plays both sides, doubt grows among the ranks of u.s. forces that the war can be won. unrelated to the documents and apparent nato rocket killed 52 afghan civilians. support for president obama's plan to escalate the war could sag fu
of fraud by the u.s. government. scott bud man is here, i hear the word lawsuit is being bandied about? >> this is the u.s. justice department going after oracle. announcing plans this afternoon to join a fraud lawsuit filed against oracle. claiming the company did not offer deals. the original lawsuit was filed by an oracle employee as a whistle-blower. the mountain view search giant says mainland china has cut off google's search engine. google shares falling in after hours trading because of that news. as for the regular session, can you see stocks fell despite a drop in jobless claims, investors still uncertain about the direction of our economy. speaking of uncertainty. toyota announcing a recall today. 400,000 of its avalon and lexus ls-470 models because of a recall that could lead to loss of driver control. back to you. >> thanks, scott. >>> a huge drug cartel hot bust nets almost 100 mexican nationals in the sierra mountains. the raids were part of a sweep in the mountain range. agents combed remote areas in fresno, madara counties, scoring $1.7 billion worth of illegal weed.
are blamed on drug cartels not only in mexico but in the u.s. >> it's increasing in the resources devoted to the southwest border in an unprecedented way. >> reporter: troops will be stationed in california, arizona, new mexico and texas they'll help the border patrol watch for smugglers and others crossing illegally. >>> hillary clinton is in afghanistan where she's expected to flow through on the country's pledged and make things more responsive. the international conference is going on and will be attended by senior officials from 60 countries. u.s. troops are scheduled to pull out of afghanistan next year. >>> a new study finds that a premiere vent could bring in more than a billion dollars to the bay area if it's held in san francisco. the study by the "san francisco chronicle" says the americas cup could bring in $1.4 billion, with most of it benefiting san francisco that would generate about 9,000 jobs. the america's cup is seen as being far more lucrative than the super bowl, which typically generates between $300 and $500 million. >> looking out into the opened ocean and here you
the two may have been killed or captured by the taliban. elsewhere in that country, five u.s. troops were killed in separate bombings. july is on course to become the deadliest month for troops in afghanistan since the war began nearly nine years ago. >>> starting today valejo police officers are doubling up saying it is too dangerous for officers to ride alone. half as many patrol cars are on the streets. it isn't expected to save the bankrupt city any money but will speed up response times because officers won't have to wait for backup. a week after the police department suspended canine and s.w.a.t. programs due to budget cuts. >>> in san francisco a scheme was broken up to sell illegally muni transfer tickets. last week two men were arrested teaming up to sell transfer tickets on their own. one of the men is a san francisco municipal employee. >>> we have breaking news out of vacaville. homes are threatened by a brushfire. we have the very latest from there. >> reporter: hi there. we know of at least three fires burning here in solana county, the latest is at the intersection of midwa
one of the mission u.s. navy sailors in afghanistan and it's holding the other hostage. the two mendic appeared on friday. they were last seen driving into a taliban-held area south of kabul. now the taliban is offering to exchange the body of the sailor for insurgent prisoners. meanwhile, an intense manhunt is still under way for the sailors. and a reward of $20,000 is being offered for information leading to their location. >> there is a tremendous amount of effort going on to find them, to search. and beyond that, i wouldn't -- i can't discuss any additional details at this point in time. >> local leaders say the sailors should have notified afghan security forces before leaving their base. and military leaders have not said why the men drove into the taliban area in the first place. >>> bp's embattled ceo appears to be on his way out for good tonight. a senior u.s. government official says tony hayward is being permanently replaced and could be gone as early as tomorrow. hayward has been somewhat of a pr disaster for bp. early on, he said he wanted his life back while speaking to l
unemployment rate fell to 9.5%. a bay area soldier was among four u.s. troops killed in afghanistan earlier this week. >>> 21-year-old chase stanley from that anapa, died. the department of defense said stanley and others were righting in a mile care vehicle when a explosive device went up. as of today, more than 11,000 troops have died as a result of the invasion of 2001. >>> on monday, supporters of former b.a.r.t. police officer overhasn't mehserle plan to watch in walnut creek and police are getting ready. set to happen at the walnut creek courthouse on civic dive, a few blocks away from downtown. we are at the courthouse with reaction from the police chief and the people who live there. cheryl? >> reporter: that's right. barriers are in every corner of the parking lot for police to use on monday. the police chief tells me he instructed his staff to post them so cars won't be allowed in this parking lot to people will have this entire space to exercise their first amendment right. >> people attending the event need to respect everyone's opinion, whether they agree with it or not. >> rep
on the leak of the secret documents connected to the war in afghanistan. the u.s. house approved $33 billion additional funding for the war, despite increased skepticism about the war effort. and president obama talked about the leak today and whether strategy will change in afghanistan. >> reporter: the american economy stalled. budget gap growing. a big election less than 100 days away. all that is making another $60 billion in funding for the afghanistan war a tough sell on capitol hill. >> i cannot look my constituents in the eye and say that this operation will hurt our enemies more than it hurts us. >> i think we need a renewed debate about the course of this war. >> reporter: a war that's now being cast in an even more unfavorable light with the online leak of 91,000 pages of raw intelligence. president obama is playing it down. >> the fact is, these documents don't reveal any issues that haven't already informed our public debate on afghanistan. >> reporter: the pentagon says it's still assessing the damage. >> are there things in there to jeopardize operations or the nation's securi
in the rankings, put out by u.s. news and world report. john's hopkins in baltimore came in at number one, number two was the mayo clinic in rochester, minnesota. the rankings are largely based on specialty areas like treatment of diabetes, cancer and neurology. >>> nice day to be outside. >> you knew somebody had to take advantage of that, didn't you? >> generally it's jeff ranieri who likes to run out there and show us the sights. tonight he's in mountainview. >> how are you guys doing in the studio? >> we're doing great, you look like you're doing better? >> i'm soaking up the sun out here, we're getting ready, the rehearsals, drums are going. we have the festival coming up here in mountain view. it's hot out here, but i have my little fan helping me stay cool. so we have the mountain view festival coming up. let's bring in doug sawamura, the festival is this weekend. what kind of things can people expect out here? >> lots of food, japanese food, japanese beers, american food, fun and games for the kids. bingo for the older adults, and we just hope everybody will come out and celebrate with us
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8